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Sewer & Drain Pipe Repair Services in Alexandria, VA

Plumbing issues can make any homeowner want to pull their hair out, especially when they involve sewage breaks and clogs. If you notice anything unusual going on with your sewer main, it’s important for you to address the issue immediately before anything gets worse. Here are some things you can look out for if you’re experiencing any problems with your plumbing:

  • You smell wastewater in your yard
  • A sewage stench is coming up through your drains
  • Wastewater from your dishwasher is coming up through your sink
  • Wastewater is showing up in your bathtub
  • Toilets and bathtubs are draining slower than normal

The Common Sewer Line Issue in Alexandria

Roots are the most common problem when it comes to blocking your sewer main. Tree roots tend to intrude on your pipes. What happens is they place pressure on the pipes and grow their way into the seams. When this happens, the roots obstruct the flow in the pipes, basically creating a net that collects debris over time until the sewer line is completely blocked. Additionally, they increase in size as they keep growing which can cause cracks in the line. This is where things can get troublesome— having a sewer line break in the middle of your property.

Other issues that occur in your sewer line may include:

  • Grease buildup
  • Pipe damage
  • Badly aligned pipes
  • Backups caused by large objects

If you’re experiencing any backflow in your sinks, bathtubs or toilets, you should stop all running water until the issue is diagnosed and fixed. The last thing you want is any risk of flooding.

Contact Syd’s Plumbing & Repairs for Our Sewer Pipe Repairs

Syd’s Plumbing & Repairs covers the Alexandria, VA area, and we offer our sewer pipe repairs at an affordable price. You’ll be in good hands with our professional plumbers. Call us at (703) 627-3574 if you are having problems with your sewer lines or drains.

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